Chief of Staff with ‘Midas touch’ stepping down

“Greg Hartley has the Midas touch,” Hughes said. “He is effective and accomplishes whatever he puts his focus and energy towards. For every public policy issue we took on during my time as speaker, Greg Hartley was the X-factor.”

He said Hartley “has no equal” in the political arena.

Top Utah House staffer to depart later this year…

“Working in this role and for the House has been the highlight of my career,” Hartley said in a prepared statement. “The experience I’ve gained has given me a greater appreciation for the sacrifice and dedication of legislators and staff who commit countless hours to public service.”


Jeff Hartley interviewed about the impact of Sage Grouse:

“People need to know the states are making this effort and doing good work,” he said. “A listing would be bad for the state of Utah. And so to educate Congress, and thereby prevent a listing, is in the state’s interest.”


Jeff Hartley discusses high-paying jobs in Utah’s energy sector with Fox13 news:


Jeff Hartley on the Book Cliff s and Oil Shale mining projects:

“My response to criticism of oil shale is that either you hate carbon-based energies or you don’t. And if you hate carbon-based energy sources, you will never like oil shale,” Hartley said. “But if you realize that oil, gas and coal are part of our energy portfolio, you have to embrace oil shale, that it will be successful. And that is what Red Leaf will prove out.”

Utah Speaker Brad Wilson announces House staff

“I appreciate the hard work, dedication and sense of service members of our staff commit to helping us be successful. Each of these individuals is well qualified and their work will greatly benefit the House and the citizens of Utah for many years to come.” 

Utah House staff as of January 7, 2019:

All House:

Greg Hartley, Chief of Staff



Greg Hartley: Hughes’ right hand man

Hartley’s political resume is too long to list here – service to say he worked for a lot of guys early in his career who lost their races – starting way back in 2000 when as a senior at Murray High School he worked in the campaign of Derek Smith – who beat then-GOP Rep. Merrill Cook for the Republican nomination but lost to Democrat Jim Matheson in the old 2nd Congressional District.


Greg Hartley New House Chief of Staff

Longtime Republican political operative Greg Hartley will be named House chief of staff, a new title and one that matches the current Senate political staff hierarchy.



Greg Hartley named chief of staff for Utah House of Representatives

“Nobody thinks more strategically and nobody works harder,” he said. “Greg’s experience as a key staffer to Govs. Huntsman and Herbert will serve the House well, as will his experience in Utah and other states representing a variety of government affairs clients.”