With strong relationships at the highest levels of state government and an equally strong professional reputation, Sage Solutions is the partner you need to create a strategy for success.

We Know How To Win.

We are policy experts. We are master strategists. We know the proper role of government and when that role has been manipulated. We know the various political players on the chess board – their strengths and weaknesses – and how to engage each at the right level and at the right time.

Policy and Advocacy


Sage Government Solutions provides strategic government affairs, public policy and public relations consulting to a broad spectrum of organizations, helping them find solutions to government challenges and gain a voice with policymakers, the public and the media.

Political Strategy


Sage Political Solutions provides strategic campaign consulting, messaging, and management. We provide soup-to-nuts services ranging from polling, to paid advertising dominance, to digital development, to direct mail, to get out the vote strategies.

Jeff Hartley, Partner 


Jeff Hartley has 25 years of experience working inside government and working from the outside to improve government. Jeff spent almost a decade on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. working with the media and later as a senior policy advisor. While SAGE cliental represent a variety of industries, Jeff has established himself as one of the leading regulatory lobbyists in Utah.

In addition to representing the spectrum of regulatory interests, he has served on many commissions, task forces and working groups aimed at establishing good public policy on health care and insurance regulations, land use, air quality, water quality, endangered species and other environmental concerns. Jeff is a regular fundraiser and donor to Utah’s top elected officials and a is registered lobbyist.

Greg Hartley, Partner


Greg Hartley has managed and consulted more than 100 campaigns spanning every level of government, from City Council to President of the United States. He previously served as campaign manager and senior staff to former Governor Jon Huntsman, as the chief strategist for Governor Gary Herbert’s 2012 campaign and as senior staff in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Greg left government briefly and worked as the director of government relations for 1-800-CONTACTS and iSchool Campus managing lobbyists and legislative efforts in multiple states.

Most recently, Hartley was appointed to serve as the chief of staff to the Utah House of Representatives under former Speaker Greg Hughes and current Speaker Brad Wilson. Greg remains a key political strategist to the Utah House Majority PAC and is a registered lobbyist.

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